Following Settings are possible in Psychotherapy

All settings take place in a protected room, which opens the space for discussing very personal and difficult topics as needed

Individual Therapy

The most common setting is individual therapy. There is the space to respond very individually to your unique situation. We bring your experience and expertise for your life together with my expertise for the psychotherapeutic process. This synergy creates a new joint group of experts to see and work on your topics from new perspectives.

Couples Therapy

If a relationship no longer goes well, and if the attempts at improvement do not work, it can be helpful to get new perspectives from the outside. Couples therapy is especially useful if many or significant problems (subjectively) have to do with the partner. In couples therapy, for example, it can be about improving communication, to understand each other better on certain levels and the like. Couples therapy has the best chance for success if both are basically willing to change at least a little for the partnership.

Couple Therapy in a Mixed Double

Together with a (female) colleague, I also offer this special form of couples therapy. Especially with heterosexual couples, this setting is very popular as there is a sense of gender balance.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is the origin of my training (psychotherapy - systemic family therapy). If several family members have problems with each other and these no longer seem solvable by themselves, this setting can be helpful, to better perceive and understand different perspectives. The ways of the therapy also depend on the age of any children present. Family therapy applies the principles of onfidentiality and voluntariness also to children and takes place at eye level.

Even if parents have the feeling that the children are causing problems, this setting can be more meaningful than sending the children alone in therapy. The specific ways of dealing with each other can be focused through psychotherapy. So, the children can see that not only they are supposed to change but that the grownups are also contributing to the therapeutic process.

Live in Person

The preferred form of psychotherapy takes place live in the office in 1090 Wien. If this is unfavorable for you, please let me know and we will arrange a different setting:

Peter Newald Psychotherapist 1090 Wien in der Praxis

Online therapy, Home Visits

In addition to the preferred form of psychotherapy in person in the office, there are also other options:


If for whatever reason you can't come to the office in 1090 Wien, there is the possibility of an online session. Just ask for it and we will make an appointment. In order to ensure confidentiality, you should have an undisturbed room available.


Furthermore, there is the possibility for a home visit. For a home visit, there should be a room in your household, in which an undisturbed conversation is possible.

Initial Contact

The initial telephone contact is free of charge and without obligation. On the phone it can then be clarified, which further procedure is optimal for you. Of course you can also contact me by email.